Time travel in movies


Time travel in movies

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Clear writing

"Wisdom goes arm in arm with simplicity.  The keen mind is one that can absorb a complicated problem, then state it in simple direct terms that will transfer the idea quickly and accurately to the minds of others,  To put complicated ideas into simple language is not child’s work.  It calls for sophistication" 

 -  Gunning (1968, p.9) cited in Ragins (2012)

Ragins, B. R. (2012). Reflections on the craft of clear writing, Academy of Management Review37(4), 493-501

The last refuge of a social-scientist scoundrel is to call for more research. Robert Putnam, Bowling Alone (via urbnist)


Unless you’re self-employed, we’re all cogs in a larger machine. The problem can be, how do you track that machine’s anatomy? How do you know what a “restructuring” really looks like, beyond that your middle manager has a new face?

Justin Matejka wondered the same thing after his relatively small employer Alias was acquired by Autodesk, so he created this remarkable animated visualization called the OrgOrgChart (Organic Organization Chart), which tracks every employee, manager, and departmental shift in the company from May 2007 to April 2011. Each second represents a week of activity for a growing staff, which expands from 6,500 to 7,500 people over this time.

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Braess’s Paradox

"In fact, the interactions among people’s behaviour can lead to counter-intuitive effects here: for instance, adding resources to a transportation network can in fact create incentives that seriously undermine its efficiency, in a phenomemon known as Braess’s Paradox"(emphasis added)

from Networks, Crowds, and Markets: Reasoning about a Highly Connected World by Easley and Kleinberg.

From Wikipedia article on Braess’s Paradox:

In SeoulSouth Korea, a speeding-up in traffic around the city was seen when a motorway was removed as part of the Cheonggyecheon restoration project. In StuttgartGermany after investments into the road network in 1969, the traffic situation did not improve until a section of newly-built road was closed for traffic again. In 1990 the closing of 42nd street in New York City reduced the amount of congestion in the area.

The Tumblr Survey Results!


A week ago I asked you all to take five minutes to fill out a quick survey about you, and how you use Tumblr. I hoped for around 500 responses.

I got nearly 3,000.

As promised, I’ve included the results below (in shiny graph form). There are over two dozen, so I’ve put them after the break to save your Dashboard from dying.

As a reminder, this was not scientific. It was self-reported (some groups of people may be more interested in filling out a survey) and put together in Google Docs (so there are limitations on the responses). There are flaws, but it’s still very interesting.

Finally, some of you have expressed interest in creating infographics, or digging deeper with the survey results. What I’d like to do is release the data for creative people on Tumblr to be able to create something new and interesting. This would be under a BY-NC Creative Commons License. This means you can create whatever you want with the data, as long as it’s not for profit and you link back to my Tumblr blog. Not too shabby for access to nearly 3,000 survey responses :o) The link to all of the data is after the break.

Click through to see the responses in graph form:

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Free cultures get what they celebrate - Clay Shirky